With insurance, people matter most.

Before taking out a personal insurance policy, it’s important to have a solid understanding of the insurance industry and its products, so that you can choose the most appropriate coverage. The importance of having life insurance and living benefits adapted to your specific needs and financial situation cannot be overestimated. Armed with the right advice, you can take out a policy from a quality insurer at a fair premium.

With Lafond, you benefit from:

  • Ongoing follow-up
  • Updates to your insurance and investment portfolios
  • Adjustments based on market conditions and your personal situation
  • A privileged relationship with the underwriting departments of the institutions selected
  • Direct interaction with the institutions, leading to optimal turnaround time
  • Personalized insurance and investment portfolio management services provided by our support staff
  • Real-time online access to all your information



The Family

The family unit can be a major source of conflict for a family company. On the one hand, the successor for the top job is most likely to be a family member, while on the other hand family members’ interests and objectives can be divergent.