From physical to legal persons

If you are an entrepreneur, you already know it can be complicated to manage people. The same goes for managing your personal and business situation – your company is a legal person that needs special attention. Because your personal choices can influence your company’s decisions, it is necessary to properly plan your affairs, both separately and jointly. At Lafond, our approach starts with an assessment of your personal profile, and continues with guidance in your decisions as the head of a company.

As a decision maker, you know it can be lonely at the top. Our full range of services can provide valuable support on several levels. Not only through coaching, but also in the form of training tools to support you in managing your human resources. Naturally, our advice in the areas of group insurance, pensions and taxation complement our expertise in business continuity.

Setting up Abroad

The challenge of international expansion comes with compelling growth opportunities for a company seeking to advance and expand, even with an awareness of the risks that such ventures carry. Read more...