Identifying and developing their talent

Above all, your company exists thanks to the talent of its people. That’s why it is so important to give everyone opportunities for career growth. To achieve his or her goals, an individual must understand their own management style and abilities, whether innate or learned:
  • General knowledge relevant to their work, specifically the culture of the person’s profession and industry
  • Their training, i.e. the sum total of their learned skills
  • The work ethic and abilities they have developed over the years, their experience 
  • Their attitude and personal character; soft skills as a whole.

As an expert in the appropriate field and a good communicator, the coach will guide the individual in acquiring understanding (general knowledge) and ability (processes). The mentor encourages improved performance and the transfer of abilities through delegation, and also serves as a guide in the development of the right attitude (soft skills).

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The Family

The family unit can be a major source of conflict for a family company. On the one hand, the successor for the top job is most likely to be a family member, while on the other hand family members’ interests and objectives can be divergent.