Leave the ordinary behind.

Are you thinking about a new career? If you would like to become a chargé d’affaires, Lafond+Associés, consulting group and brokerage group can offer an enriching opportunity for career growth. Why? Because we have a different, more creative way of doing things.

Over the years, we have built up a comprehensive service offering, providing expertise in areas where individuals and companies need it most. Our philosophy has led us to offer our chargés d’affaires excellent career support in the form of:
  • training
  • business environment education
  • personalized support and coaching

We understand our strengths, and would be delighted to show you the results of more than 30 years of work in an increasingly competitive environment, where our success depends on the value of the people representing us. We invite you to contact us today, at  info@lafond.ca

One enterprise, five companies. Lafond’s chargés d’affaires

At Lafond Services Financiers, we call our financial security consultants and group investment representatives (through Investia Financial Services) chargés d’affaires. We use the same title for our insurance and group pension consultants at Lafond Avantages Sociaux et Actuariat, and our financial planners, consultants and specialists at Lafond Gestion and Lafond Formation.

Continuity management in family SMEs

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