The art of anticipation

The ability to pass the torch when your company is at its peak: that is the defining characteristic of a visionary leader. It is also a way to guarantee the enthusiasm of the next-generation team, and protect your business legacy. Lafond Gestion is committed to guiding and supporting you through the process of building, organizing and passing on your business legacy – because those who plan, escape misfortune.


The specific methodology we have developed for our clients is a testament to the quality of our services. Here is a summary of our approach:
  • We conduct an exploratory interview to identify the company head’s needs and set the right approach in motion
  • We present a detailed service proposal covering the entire process, and establish a timetable
  • We guide executives in their dealings with government organizations for securing assistance that may be available for certain phases of the project
  • We encourage strategic integration of the main stakeholders in the process (family members, professionals inside and outside the company)
  • We base our approach on active listening and a realistic understanding of the company culture, family dynamics (if applicable) and key individuals with a stake in the values to be passed down
  • We work in a transparent, neutral and confidential manner
  • We submit interim reports providing information on the progress of the process

Areas of activity

Continuity assessment

Starting point for:
  • establishing a consensus on the company’s vision
  • team building
  • establishing a continuity plan and timetable
  • maintaining harmonious relations

Transfer plan

Activities in the three areas (equity, company, teams/family):
  • stakeholders
  • required transfer phases
  • action items
  • skills to be transferred
  • soft skills to be transferred

Assessment of potential

Preparation for:
  • identifying and assessing successors
  • grooming individuals
  • planning training activities
  • team building

Executive profit sharing

An investment in:
  • attracting, satisfying and retaining key individuals
  • recognizing individual contributions
  • ensuring loyalty and commitment
  • executive retirement planning


Essential for:
  • maintaining fairness
  • staying competitive as an employer
  • rewarding results and productivity
  • guiding behaviour

Team building

A strategic activity for:
  • identifying each individual’s strengths
  • accepting differences
  • achieving strength through difference
  • growing the company

Estate AuditMD

A Lafond Planification expert service, serving to:
  • inventory and protect the company head’s estate
  • clarify and execute retirement plans
  • structure the head’s financial independence
  • review legal and taxation matters
  • assess current risk management (death, disability, critical illness)
  • establish appropriate financial strategies

Ownership transfer

A crucial step for:
  • ensuring company survival
  • obtaining fair value for the owner’s holdings
  • ensuring the owner’s financial security
  • ransferring control through transfer of equity

Conflict management

A delicate process with several components:
  • conflict assessment (sources, triggers and consequences)
  • identification of conflictual behaviours
  • development of potential resolutions
  • consensus-based decision making
  • implementation of the consensus
  • follow up on consensus implementation


A structure to guide strategic directions:
  • the board of directors safeguards the company’s interests
  • the partners’ committee protects shareholders’ interests
  • the family committee allows all family members to discuss family interests without undermining company management
  • the management committee oversees the growth and proper management of the company

A service provided by LAFOND GESTION  

The Family

The family unit can be a major source of conflict for a family company. On the one hand, the successor for the top job is most likely to be a family member, while on the other hand family members’ interests and objectives can be divergent.